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IPLatch, A Full Safety to internet use That Help schools and other protected internet users to safely browse internet.
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Browsing through the sea of the world wide web isn't always as fun nor enjoyable as some would hope, and it can be a rigorous task. IPLatch provides many features that make surfing the web more safe and comfortable and less obscene. It has the ability to be customized to get the content of your choice displayed to you.

Using a better internet filter with very easy configurations that allow for extra safety and protection, the browsing experience is now much more enjoyable than before. You can trust the systems now and leave the systems to control the content delivery of your choice to your desktop, cell phone or any device where you want.
The Internet has torn apart adult entertainment's business model just like it has done to newspapers, music, and magazines. IPLatch will help ensure that your browsing experience can continue protected and you can keep yourself away from a multi-billion dollar porn industry. You should be rest assure that the content delivered to you is free of any information that you do not want to see or want that to be exposed to your love ones.
IPLatch stricter in its filtering of content, images, videos and especially the advertisements that include malicious code. Together, these strong filtering features will make it easier for people who don’t know how to protect themselves online to avoid potential disasters. We are re-making the most of your internet experience.
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We are revolutionizing internet browsing experience.

IPLatch helps you to improve your browsing experience. Researchers at IPLatch are working to latch every single content that is prohibited.

Obscenity is Banned, You are Safe!

Let us take care of your surfing choices. Any dislike content whether in the shape of image, video or text can only reach to you if it is your choice.

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No Hidden Costs

We provide you with the direct download with out any hidden or maintenance charges.

Privacy Policy

We are 100% committed to maintain confidentiality, and security of your personally identifiable information !


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Education & Schools

IPLatch is just what you need as a teacher striving is to educate children. Just Relax and let us control the surfing.

Family Protection

IPLatch provide families with a safe Internet experience and becoming increasingly popular becuase its effectivity.

Business Protection

Our business suit lets administrators install IPLatch on server rather than workstations to manage network traffic smoothly.

Product Features Are

  • Keyword Filter

  • Image Filter

  • Video Filter

  • URL Filter

Our Skills are excellent


Internet surfing the way you want it to be managed.

Family Protection

Protect your family through IPLatch technology.


It is so easy to install to make the best of your internet experience.

Our Safety Product

IPLatch Family Safety offers exactly the top notch parental control features that you can think of. At its current price, it's a much better deal than any of its competitors. It protect your kids on for one computer. Configuration is all computer based. It's a good choice for parental control and monitoring.

Keyword Filter

Keyword Filter

Hatred, Sex, Religious etc

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Porn Filter

Porn Filter

Block all Porn content

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Social Media Monitoring

Social Media Monitoring

Control & Monitor access to Social Media

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Parental Control

Parental Control

Protect Your Family

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Install IPLatch! It will make your internet safe!

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Check out some of our latest Offerings that suits your need.

IPLatch filtering solution provides ultimate web surfing experience to all the communities it serves. Our customers are home users, parents, schools, certification and training organizations and businesses.


We Are Almost Free

There is no comparison of functionality and price with our competitors. We are more powerful and unique in our product features. There is no cloud communication for the content or URL validation. Everything is on your PC installed and you can enjoy all filtering features just at a fraction of price which our competitors are offering.

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